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Political Science Course Descriptions

POL 141 U.S. Government and Constitution

3 Hours

This course is an introductory survey of founding principles, organization, processes and functions of government and politics in the United States. This course is a breadth of knowledge course as designated by Dakota Wesleyan’s general education program. Breadth of knowledge courses expose students to knowledge and concepts that Dakota Wesleyan University believes all its graduates should possess.

POL 250 Introduction to International Relations

3 Hours

This course provides an introduction to major theoretical approaches and fundamental concepts in international relations. The course will examine contemporary international issues and events through these theoretical and conceptual lenses and from a perspective informed by history.

POL 351 American Foreign Policy

3 Hours

Refer to HIS 351

POL 352 Political Thought

3 Hours

This course is a survey of the leading Western philosophers from Plato to present. The course examines original political ideas and how those ideas have shaped modern political thought. Readings include selections from the Federalist Papers.

POL 353 Congress and the Presidency

3 Hours

Students will examine the foundations, forces, processes, relationships and issues shaping the legislative and executive branches of the national government. The course combines an overview of Congress and the presidency with a deeper analysis of the culture and operations of these institutions.

POL 355 The US Constitution

3 Hours

This course is a survey of the U.S. Constitution and its foundations to the present. The course will examine the creation of the U.S. Constitution and the major interpretations of it by the U.S. Supreme Court and their significance to the American political and legal systems. Cross listed as HIS 355

POL 386 Modern Asia

3 Hours

This course surveys the history of the Asia-Pacific region from the 19th century to the present. The course will be particularly focused on political developments and international relations in the region during this time period. Cross-listed as HIS 386

POL 450 Internships

1 Hours

POL 460 Independent Study

3 Hours

CRJ 250 American Legal System

3 Hours

This course examines all aspects of the judicial process, including the law, courts and policies of the American legal system. Both the criminal and civil processes will be investigated with attention focused on the major participants in the entire process. This course will also examine various current and major issues within the legal system.

CRJ 350 Terrorism

3 Hours

Students are introduced to the historical, political, organizational and methodical aspects of terrorism, as well as responses to terrorism. Students investigate the definitions of terrorism, the particulars of various terrorist organizations, and questions of security versus civil liberty. Students also complete a federal training certification in incident command.

SOC 312 Methods of Social Research

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to the research process as applied to social and psychological subjects. Students will study problem formulation, research design, instrument design, project administration, data analysis and interpretation, report writing and issues in research. A research project is required. Students interested in obtaining a social work license in South Dakota or graduate study in sociology need this course.

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