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Sports Management Course Descriptions

SPM 114 Introduction to Sports Management

3 Hours

This course introduces students to the sports industry, the wide range of careeropportunities involving sport and theeconomic impact of sports in America. It includes theoretical and applied foundations of sports management and an increased awareness of career opportunities in the sports industry. Topical areas include a history of the profession, the need for management and organizational skills, current trends and future issues.

SPM 343 Sports Multi-Media

3 Hours

Introduces students to the various media resources utilized in the sports industry. Students will become familiar with the structure of media platforms designed to enhance the awareness of sports in society. Through the use of technology and print, students will create media contents and develop skills necessary to pursue a career in sports media.

SPM 363 Sports Policy

3 Hours

This course is designed to introduce students in the Sports Management Program to a range of political/legal, economic and ethical issues related to sports management, and to selected analytical techniques which can be used to gain a fuller understanding of these and other issues which may arise in a sports career context.

SPM 386 Sports Agency

3 Hours

This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the business of a sports agent. The course covers league information about the NBA, NFL, and NHL as it relates to the process of doing business with such entities. Students will become aware of the resources necessary to operate a sports agency business and learn how to become a certified professional sport agent.

SPM 482 Seminar in Sports Management

3 Hours

This course is intended as a senor integrative experience for sports management majors. It involves a comprehensive analysis of an operating sports enterprise.

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