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Sports Management Course Descriptions

Students will select COM 205 Communication, Media and Society or DMD 345 Desktop Publishing to complete the course work.

COM 205 Communication, Media, & Society

3 Hours

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to important concepts and principles of communication in modern society. Material will cover the basics of communication theory, the history, structure, dynamics and functions of contemporary mass media; and the ethical implications of communication. This course will prepare students for courses in all four of the visual and digital communication areas of concentration.

DMD 345 Desktop Publishing

3 Hours

This course provides instruction and experience in desktop publishing. Students will design, create and edit documents using Adobe InDesign.

SPM 241 Sport and Society

3 Hours

Students will be introduced to perspectives on careers and opportunities in, and the business of sport. The influence of sport upon the individual participant and society is emphasized.

SPM 341 Sports Administration

3 Hours

The study of the theories, principles, and practices of Sports Administration and group interaction in sport oriented settings. The structure of interscholastic athletics, collegiate athletics, and professional sports will be discussed in depth and the course includes some practical experience in Sports Administration through special events at the university and in the community.

SPM 363 Sports Policy

3 Hours

This course is designed to introduce students in the Sports Management Program to a range of political/legal, economic and ethical issues related to sports management, and to selected analytical techniques which can be used to gain a fuller understanding of these and other issues which may arise in a sports career context.

SPM 382 Sport Facility and Event Management

3 Hours

Sport Facility and Event Management focuses on planning, financing, marketing implementation and evaluation of a broad range of sport facilities and events including sport, recreation, leisure, health and fitness.

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