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May 16 - June 24

BUS 263 Business Law I

3 Hours

Students will discuss the general principles of contracts, torts and property as applied to business relationships. Prerequisites: Sophomore status.

ECO 232 Principles of Microeconomics

3 Hours

This course introduces students to economic analysis of the individual firm and market. It includes study of basic supply and demand model, the role of government in the economy, cost analysis of the form and application of principles to various markets and social problems.

REL 121 Introduction to the Bible

3 Hours

This course is an introductory user’s guide to the Bible, including basic selected content, historical background of people and writing, theories of interpretation, introduction to resources and application to current issues. General Education: Personal Growth and Maturity.

CRJ 299 Selected Topics - Basic

1 Hour

PSY 131 General Psychology

3 Hours

This overview of the discipline explores human and animal behavior and consciousness. The diversity within the discipline is reflected in the range of subjects presented, including motivation, emotion, perception, sensation, learning, intelligence and personality.

MTH 200 Statistical Methods I

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to descriptive statistics, including graphs, sampling distributions, measures of central tendency, probability theory, hypothesis testing through nonparametric tests, confidence intervals, correlation and regression. Statistical applications, hypothesis testing and the use of statistical software for graphing are emphasized. Prerequisite: MTH 125 or consent of instructor.

May 31 - July 22

ENG 141 Cultural Perspectives in American Literature

3 Hours

Through an examination of American Literature, this course analyzes the cultural social, and economic experiences of various racial and ethnic groups in the United States. Students engage with multiple narratives of racial and ethnic relations and experiences in order to arrive at a better understanding of these relationships, both in the United States’ past and in the present historical moment. This course is a breadth of knowledge course as designated by Dakota Wesleyan’s general education program. Breadth of knowledge courses expose students to knowledge and concepts that DWU believes all its graduates should possess.

ENG 215 Business and Technical Writing

3 Hours

Students will be introduced to professional expectations for written communication in the workplace and on the Web. Students will develop an understanding of purpose and audience while writing and revising a variety of goal-oriented projects. In preparation for a research project, students will develop a variety of texts, including memos, letters, analytical reports, presentation and proposals. Prerequisite: Successful completion of ENG 111.

June 27 - Aug. 5

BUS 141 Financial Literacy

3 Hours

This course introduces students to basic financial literacy and practices. Students explore topics such as financial goal setting, money management, insurance principles and consumer awareness through projects and exercises that challenge them to apply key financial concepts to real-life situations. Students will use mathematical operations, Microsoft Excel, and other skills to solve problems involving interest, investment and sound financial planning. Students will use key economic concepts to interpret economic news and events.

REL 141 Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

3 Hours

This course is cross-listed as PHL 141. Students may use either designation. This course introduces students to seminal concepts in religion, philosophy and ethics. Concepts explored include transferable wisdom from world religions, principles of logical thinking, lessons from philosophy and ethical decision-making. Cross-listed as PHL141 This course is a breadth of knowledge course as designated by Dakota Wesleyan’s general education program. Breadth of knowledge courses expose students to knowledge and concepts that Dakota Wesleyan University believes all its graduates should possess.

CRJ 250 American Legal System

3 Hours

This course examines all aspects of the judicial process, including the law, courts and policies of the American legal system. Both the criminal and civil processes will be investigated with attention focused on the major participants in the entire process. This course will also examine various current and major issues within the legal system.