The UNI Experience

Specialty seminars will set you up for success.

DWU has a unique and relevant set of courses designed to help you be successful, both on campus and in life after college.

When you graduate from DWU, you’ll enter the professional world well prepared, thanks to your faculty.  Not only do they teach course content material, they will give you the broader liberal arts experience, exposing you an enriched human experience.

The focus of these seminars, contained within the General Education curriculum, is to introduce students to a breadth of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will provide a foundation for enduring intellectual growth, ethically grounded leadership, meaningful service, intentional engagement with faith and spiritual traditions.

  • UNI 101 Self, College and Career is DWU’s first-year experience course for integrating new students into the campus community and helping students utilize DWU’s core values of learning, leadership, faith and service. Students begin the course by identifying their strengths, practicing time-management strategies, and developing resiliency. Students then build their path to academic success and graduation by developing a college-level resumé, engaging in academic advising, developing four-year academic and co-curricular plans, attending a speaker series, and practicing how to develop and present projects for a professional audience.   
  • UNI 301 Post College Success is an upper-level course designed as a junior-year seminar to support students in developing and executing a plan to help them successfully transition to professional life after college. This plan includes identifying transferrable skills, building a professional resumé and writing individualized cover letters, acquiring networking skills, learning professional etiquette, and engaging in a mock employment interview. The purpose of the UNI 301 experience is to help students successfully transition to professional life after college (whether in a first professional job or continuing education at the graduate level).