Financial Aid

You can do this.

It’s the biggest argument against going to college: “It’s just so expensive!”

But small liberal arts schools are often able to offer the most generous financial aid.

First, we need to differentiate between sticker price and out-of-pocket cost. Since 100% of on-campus undergraduate students receive financial assistance, your tuition price will be immediately reduced based on your academic scholarship. You may also qualify for federal or state grants, and be eligible to borrow student loans to help pay your tuition, room and board, and fees, all of which reduce your out-of-pocket cost while at DWU.

Academic scholarships are awarded automatically when you are accepted, so you will see a decrease in your cost immediately. If you apply after October 1 and have filed your FAFSA we’ll also be able to tell you your full estimated financial aid package for grants and loans.

So explore our scholarships, student loans, federal aid programs and work-study programs, and if you have any questions (no matter how small!), please contact us or call the DWU Financial Aid Office at (605) 995-2656.

Net price calculator.

Please note before using this calculator that it is for estimating purposes only and is not binding. Additionally, final eligibility for financial aid is subject to FAFSA completion, meeting any eligibility requirements or deadlines, and fund availability.

Use our Net Price Calculator to determine what you would likely pay to attend DWU.