Student Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for DWU's Drop and Go option?

In order to provide a socially-distant move-in experience, DWU is offering a “Drop and Go” option for students moving to campus. This option will help to eliminate move-in day congestion and will spread out the amount of people moving in belongings at one time. 

DWU’s Drop and Go allows students to come to campus early and deliver the bulk of their belongings to their room and then return home until their respective move-in times in August.

Students can drop off their belongings anytime between Wednesday, July 15 and Friday, August 7.

Here's how it works: 

• Students can request a Drop and Go date and time by emailing Dustin Wheeler, director of residence life, at Dustin.Wheeler@dwu.edu. 

• Appointments will be scheduled for Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

• Students will be allotted 60 to 90 minutes for drop-off.

• DWU will limit daily Drop and Go registrations based on dorm capacity.

• Students will be screened for fever and other COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival.

• DWU requests that students wear a mask while on campus.

REMINDER: DWU is requesting that every student brings a medical tool kit, including face masks, for the upcoming year. See Tiger Tool Kit for a full list of items. 

Are all classes going to be delivered in a face-to-face format this fall?

The majority of DWU classes will be offered in a face-to-face format this fall.  Many classes will also have the content available to students online should they become sick or unable to attend classes.

How will social distancing be practiced in the classroom?

DWU has created new classroom occupancy rates based on the CDC guidelines for safe social distancing.

What measures are being taken concerning athletics?

  • All in-season student athletes will be required to go through a screening process with the athletic training department prior to practice on each day.
  • Student athletes will be screened prior to any transportation to and from competition.
  • New sanitation procedures are being adopted to keep equipment as clean as possible.
  • Practice plans are being modified and adjusted to adhere to CDC regulations.
  • Guidelines by the NAIA and GPAC are being followed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
  • Periodic testing may be required.

Are all students required to be screened?

Yes. All students will conduct self-screening each day and report the information using an app on their phone.

Will contact tracing be required?

Yes. The university has purchased a contact tracing app. All students will be required to download the app to immediately identify students who have had close contact with anyone who tests positive.

I am an international student and I am not able to make it back to campus, can I still enroll at DWU?

Yes, DWU is working to offer a select number of classes that can be accessed both in the face-to-face format and online.

What should I expect at New Student Orientation?

New student orientation is a wonderful way to meet other DWU students.  We will have staggered move-in times to provide appropriate social distancing and mitigate the spread of the virus.  We will also have small groups of students who will go through a variety of stations that allow the student to become familiar with the DWU campus, our values, our technology system and meet lifelong friends.

Will students have exams prior to Thanksgiving Break?

Students should refer to their syllabus for guidance on when classroom exams will be administered or due dates for final projects.

Will the fitness center be open in the fall?

Yes! The Fitness Center is open and new sanitation measures are in place. Maximum occupancy limits have been established per CDC guidelines. The university encourages students, staff and faculty to use these facilities for their health and well-being.

Have any decisions been made about the spring 2021 semester?

At this time, the spring 2021 semester will resume with face-to-face classes on Monday, Jan. 11 as planned.

What do I need to bring when I come in the fall?

In light of the COVID -19 pandemic, both new and returning students at Dakota Wesleyan University will need to come prepared to care for themselves, and to protect the people around them. Students are being asked to bring a tool kit for this purpose.

If you would like to move your belongings in early, please contact Dustin Wheeler, director of residence life, at Dustin.Wheeler@dwu.edu to schedule a "Drop and Go" time. 

TIGER TOOL KIT should include:

  • A RELIABLE THERMOMETER. If you bring an oral thermometer, be sure to also have disposable thermometer covers, or alcohol pads to clean the thermometer after each use.
  • FIVE-TO-SEVEN CLOTH FACE MASKS made with multiple layers of fabric, that cover both the mouth and nose.
    • Cloth masks should be secured with ties or ear loops, fit snug but comfortably against the sides of the face and allow for breathing without restriction.
    • Having multiple masks will allow you to wear a clean mask each day, as masks should be laundered after every use.
    • Bandanas are not considered an adequate face covering.
  • LAUNDRY DETERGENT to wash masks and clothing/towels/bedding.
  • HAND SANITIZER for use in room, and travel size sanitizer to carry in bookbags.
  • DISINFECTING WIPES to wipe down room surfaces.
  • KLEENEX for personal use.  
  • FEVER REDUCING MEDICATIONS, cough drops and other over-the-counter medications of choice.
  • ADEQUATE SUPPLY OF ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS and a plan of how to refill prescriptions when needed.
  • REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE and/or bottled water for personal use.