Student Stories

In 2018, Dakota Wesleyan University launched Digital DWU - a university-wide effort to incorporate technology into the classrooms and the hands of every student.

Digital DWU is a partnership with Apple and the first program of its kind in South Dakota.

According to a recent student survey, over 71% of students ‘agree strongly’ that the Digital DWU initiative played a positive and significant role in making the transition to online learning relatively smooth during the Spring 2020 semester.

Additionally, 100% of DWU faculty members surveyed acknowledged that Digital DWU played a ‘significant role or some role’ in facilitating the ease of this transition.

Here’s what our students had to say:

“My professors have been flexible, the campus pastors have been accessible, and my coaches has been extremely encouraging. The support from DWU is unreal and I appreciate everything about the DWU family. I miss seeing people on campus, but when we are reunited it will just be that much sweeter.” – Hannah Bowes 

"It has been empowering and encouraging to see the ways our students are taking this new approach to learning, and their optimistic view on all of it. Recognize the support system and community we have at Dakota Wesleyan. The support and encouragement from our mentors, friends and coaches is second to none. Spread joy, keep your grace and always be kind.” – Zach Gors

“This is hard for everyone, and knowing you aren’t alone makes it a little less scary. I’ve had such an inspiring group of people who have taught me at this university, and this experience just reiterates that. The effort the faculty are making and the support they are showing is a guiding force for all students, myself included.” – Mikayla Street