DWU expands LPN. to B.S.N. program in Sioux Falls

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Due to increased interest, Dakota Wesleyan University has expanded the capacity of its Sioux Falls-based LPN-B.S. in nursing program from its current cohort of 24. Beginning in August the program will be able to enroll 32 new students at a new location in downtown Sioux Falls at 114 South Main Avenue.

The fully accredited program accepts those who have already earned an LPN certificate or degree who wish to increase their skill sets and work as a bachelor’s prepared nurse in a hospital or clinic setting, creating more opportunities for advancement.  The program is 28 months in length and utilizes both in-person and online instruction. Classes are held regularly at the Sioux Falls site, allowing LPNs from the area to continue working while enrolled. The program contains clinical opportunities in most semesters. These experiences allow students to practice skills as they learn them.

According to DWU vice president for admissions and marketing Fredel Thomas, the program is more popular than ever before. “We are so excited to expand our LPN-B.S. program in Sioux Falls. More spots mean more bachelor’s prepared nurses in the workforce, a critical need that we can collectively work to improve. Our program in Sioux Falls allows many of the region’s well-educated LPNs to access a high-quality advanced degree.”

Classes begin this August at the new site. DWU leased the space earlier this year to house both the expanded nursing program and the new Learn and Earn program in a well-maintained, easy-to-access location.  For more information about the expanded LPN-B.S. program, visit