DWU offers professional development training through MBA program

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After revamping curriculum to strictly concentrate on relevant and practical workforce needs, Dakota Wesleyan University is now offering employers the opportunity to provide professional development training through DWU’s online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.


DWU’s MBA program is designed to allow employees to take one course to sharpen or develop professional skills.  


“Employers can use our MBA courses to see an immediate impact in their organization thanks to the practical and relevant experiences we offer in each course,” said Diana Goldammer, director of the MBA program at DWU.


“It's cost-effective for an organization to develop its existing employees who know the organization, who are loyal to their clients and their colleagues, and who can make an immediate impact in the organization with the elevated skills they will learn and practice in each stand-alone course. Our course content will draw upon the employee's current experiences and help them seize opportunities to add value to their organization,” she said.


Professional development can reap serious benefits in terms of a company’s ROI, or return on investment, as well. Cigna, a global health service company, realized a 129% ROI from its educational reimbursement program between 2012 and 2014, and Advocate Health Care’s education assistance program helped the company achieve a 4.3% ROI, equaling $1.3 million in net savings.


DWU’s MBA program is 100% online, with 8-week courses that focus on conflict management, building high performance teams, strengthening project management and contemporary marketing skills.


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