DWU to collect items for Salvation Army in ‘Bigger/Better’ fundraiser

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The competition for goodwill is on.

Dakota Wesleyan University students are running a Bigger and Better drive for the local Salvation Army next week. This competition will be from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 16, around Mitchell.

The rules are simple: 10 DWU students will divide the city into two quadrants and two five-man teams will go door-to-door to ask for donations for the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Community members will know the DWU students by their DWU apparel. People can donate anything they like – a coffee mug, grandma’s vintage tea set, a bag of clothes, books, a gently used X-box – there are no limits as long as items are in good shape. The game, though, is that neighbors are encouraged to one-up each other; so, if neighbor No. 1 gives a mug, then neighbor No. 2 will be asked if he would like to donate something “bigger and better.” Neighbors can choose to keep the item as a trade or donate that item and the “bigger and better” item. The winning team will have a trunk load of items that have more collective value than the other.  

“This is a fun way for students to engage their spirit of competition while doing something good for an organization that makes a difference in our community. I’ve been part of a bigger and better drive in the past and was amazed by the generous items that were gifted to charity,” said Dr. Alisha Vincent, associate professor and chair of the nonprofit administration program. Vincent’s COR 201 Leadership and Vocation class tasks small groups with creating simple events that support local nonprofits and two groups chose Bigger and Better.

“In the end, it’s our hope that the students and the community will have fun and a few laughs and that the Salvation Army will be the ultimate winner,” Vincent said.