DWU senior launches travel bag business

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For senior Jamie McGowan, a business finance major at DWU, removing fear from the equation whether it be in school, life or in business, has helped him launch his own business, Audacia.


Audacia is an online retail shop that specializes in selling high quality, affordable travel bags. The foundation for McGowan’s business, including the name itself, is to encourage people to travel audaciously – with confidence and a feeling of empowerment throughout their journey or trip.

The idea first started when McGowan was on a trip himself. While looking for a new travel bag inside the Denver airport, he soon began to realize there were not a lot of quality, durable travel bags offered at an affordable price.


“After that trip I started doing some research into manufacturers for bags and found one that I really liked,” said McGowan.


Audacia offers different options for canvas and leather duffle bags and backpacks, providing a wide array of high quality, durable, and stylish travel bags at an affordable prize. 


“I really want to offer people a quality bag for a more affordable price, but I also want to establish that personal connection with my customers to show they’re not just a number,” said McGowan


Establishing Audacia did not come without obstacles, however. As more and more people are traveling less due to the ongoing pandemic, McGowan knew that launching his business would not always be smooth sailing.


“I obviously took a minor hit with COVID, but I’m still making sales and customers can still purchase and receive their bags ahead of time so that when they are ready to travel, they have the bag,” said McGowan.


He started selling first to just close family, friends and coworkers, but strong interest in the bags has helped expand his business and grow outside his immediate circle. He says he hopes to eventually partner with other local and regional retailers and explore possible locations to open physical stores around the U.S.


McGowan credits DWU and his business professors and fellow classmates for giving him the confidence to run with the idea.


“If you have an idea and you want to do it, just do it. But you have to take initiative to make it a reality. Believe in yourself, believe in your product and others will as well.”

You can explore all available options and purchase your own bag at