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Just 12 credits will provide you with a professional certificate that you can use to increase your job responsibilities, help make a case for a promotion or provide value to your organization. 

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Enroll in one course that will help you acquire the knowledge and skills you need, or bundle certificates into the degree that works best for you.

Nonprofit Administration

Become an effective leader in the nonprofit sector by achieving the following outcomes: 
  • Analyze trends and forecasts for the nonprofit sector. 
  • Conduct a governance audit. 
  • Formulate an effective strategy for financial development. 
  • Assess community needs and design responsive programming. 

This certificate is 12 credit hours.   

NPA 101 Fundamentals of Nonprofit Administration

3 Hours
Throughout this course students will review how and why nonprofits are formed, including review of state and federal requirements, reflect on the role of vision, values, and mission in the formation and success of nonprofits, and analyze trends and forecasts in the nonprofit sector.

NPA 300 Governance and Management

3 Hours
Students in this course will learn how non-profits are governed and managed effectively by examining structure, policies, and procedures of governance, understanding the role and responsibilities of the board and staff, and reviewing various training, development, and management practices essential for effectiveness.

NPA 313 Resource Development and Stewardship

3 Hours
Throughout this course students will learn fundamental practices essential to funding nonprofit organizations. Topics covered will include grant writing, prospect development, donor relationships and recognition, case statement preparation, types of giving, and stewardship of resources. Students will also be engaged in experiential learning activities that may involve fundraising event assistance, writing a grant and analyzing an organization's fundraising strategy.

NPA 370 Program Design and Evaluation

3 Hours
This course helps students become proficient in designing and evaluating programming for nonprofit organizations. Throughout the course, students will discover best practices for program design and development, examine various methods and tools for program evaluation, explore strategies for communicating program outcomes and discover how to use program evaluation to inform improvement strategies.

Organizational Leadership

Dakota Wesleyan University’s certificate in organizational leadership helps prepare individuals for leadership roles and is applicable to dozens of career fields.

The certificate is designed to help you make progress toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. Courses provide individuals with skills like identifying a leadership style, communicating effectively; evaluating and applying leadership styles through case studies; exploring conflict and change management; developing insights into individual and group behavior; understanding organizational structure and culture; and honing communication, teamwork, analytical, and presentation skills.

This certificate is 12 credit hours.  

BUS 318 Conflict and Change Management

3 Hours
This team-based course explores the neuroscience of conflict and change management. Students will practice conflict management skills in their teams; experience resistance to change through completing a personal habit creation/change project; explore how to introduce and manage change, and how to handle the conflict that comes with change initiatives. Alongside learning about the neuroscience of change, students hone communication, teamwork, conflict management and presentation skills. Prerequisites: BUS 220 or instructor permission.

BUS 220 Principles of Management

3 Hours
Students will examine the managerial process, including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. The class includes study of the relationship of these functions to the daily work of the manager and development of managerial skills. Prerequisite: Completion of BUS 101 or ENT 224 or Permission of the Instructor

BUS 315 Leadership & Communication

3 Hours
Students will study principles and examples of leadership, with emphasis on followership; adaptive leadership; ethical leadership; servant leadership; gender and leadership; inclusive leadership; and developing the communication skills essential to effective leadership. Students hear directly from local and regional leaders and apply those learnings to case studies. Students also develop their personal definition of leadership which culminates in a photo exhibit that communicates that to the audience.

BUS 321 Organizational Behavior

3 Hours
This course is designed to provide students with insights into individual and group behavior, understanding of organizational structure and culture, and opportunities to see various organizational management tools in practice. Students in this course partner with local business leaders who allow student teams inside their organizations to observe course concepts in practice. Students work in teams to formulate interview questions based on course content, interview those business partners, synthesize the information, present their learnings in class, and reflect on both the learned content and team effectiveness. Students hone communication, teamwork, analytical, and presentation skills. Prerequisites: BUS 220 or instructor permission.

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