Student Life

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If you’re looking to belong to a friendly, close-knit community, DWU might just be the perfect place for you. Our campus is lively and filled with a strong, genuine and supportive group of people that are here to nourish your growth and development.

"DWU is about community. If you want a space where you can authentically grow into the best version of yourself, DWU is the place for you."
- Trevor, Platte, SD

Life at DWU

With a variety of club activities, athletic competitions and campus events, you’ll find campus life is not only fun, but filled with things to do almost every day. Explore what life is like at DWU and what you need to bring prior to your arrival on campus.  

Student Services

“DWU is like a family.” We hear it from students and employees alike. With fewer than 1,000 students, you are more than just a number and we care about your wellbeing. The DWU campus is equipped with departments to support your mental and spiritual health, academic needs, and much more. 

Title IX and Other Policies

Before moving to campus, you need to be aware of Title IX and other policies.  

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