Admissions Procedures and Requirements

M.A.T. Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Athletic Training program is contingent upon the student satisfactorily completing the following requirements:

  • Students must submit an application to Athletic Training Central Applications Services (ATCAS), with student applications subsequently reviewed by the Athletic Training Review Committee (ATRC). (ATCAS site available Aug. 1.)
  • Minimum of 50 hours of documented clinical observation with a certified athletic trainer
  • Minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA in the athletic training prerequisite coursework
  • Successful completion of or enrollment in all prerequisite coursework with a minimum grade of C in each course
  • No program or prerequisite course can be repeated more than one time
  • All required courses must have a letter grade (Credit/no credit courses will not be accepted)
  • Two letters of recommendation (excluding members of the ATRC)
  • Demonstration of appropriate clinical conduct and performance, to include:
    • productive and reliable work habits
    • ability to work in harmony with athletes, coaches, peers and certified faculty members
    • self-motivation and the commitment to execute tasks and responsibilities as assigned and directed
    • professional grooming, dress and appearance
    • punctuality
    • patience
    • willingness to assist others in the completion of tasks and responsibilities
    • efficient and productive use of time

A maximum of 20 new students are accepted into the program annually. Applications are due by May 1. 

Successful completion of all of the requirements above does not guarantee admission into the Master of Athletic Training program. The athletic training program is a limited enrollment program based on the availability of preceptors.

  • Following the submission of application materials, prospective candidates will participate in an interview process. On-campus interview are preferred but virtual interviews will be considered when appropriate.
  • Determination of admission to the athletic training program is the responsibility of the athletic training department. Students must meet all departmental and university admission requirements.
  • Following the interview, each candidate will receive written notification of admission status. Each student will have two calendar weeks to accept or decline his or her position in the Master of Athletic Training program. Students who are accepted into the program will be officially admitted as of the first day of the next academic semester. Students who are not accepted into the program will be allowed to re-apply if they meet all prerequisites. 
  • Provisional acceptance may be allowed and will follow the university procedure found in the Graduate Studies Handbook.
  • Students may appeal admissions decisions via the university appeals process found in the Graduate Studies Handbook.

Post-Admission Requirements

All costs are the responsibility of the student.

  • Immunizations
    • Immunizations are the responsibility of the athletic training student accepted into Dakota Wesleyan University and into the athletic training program. Immunizations are required prior to participating in clinical education. This includes the (2) MMR, Hepatitis B and Tdap vaccinations, a Varicella vaccination or a titer proving immunity and yearly Tuberculosis testing and an annual influenza vaccination. 
    • Students are required to meet all vaccinations requirements to perform clinical rotations. If a student has a specific medical condition that would prevent vaccination, the student should meet with the PD or the CEC for consultation. More information can be obtained from campus health.
  • Physical Examination 
    • Students are required to submit a copy of a physical examination that has been completed within one calendar year of acceptance.  The physical examination must be performed by an appropriate provider. Dakota Wesleyan University accepts physicals performed by MDs, DOs, CNPs, PACs. Download the physical exam form.
  • Liability Insurance
    • Athletic training student liability insurance is the responsibility of the athletic training student accepted into the athletic training program. Proof of insurance is required prior to participating in clinical education. Specific requirements for the liability insurance and information on policies can be obtained from the clinical education Coordinator. Minimum coverage includes $1 million per occurrence/$3 million aggregate (student coverage).
  • Criminal Background Check
    • A criminal background check must be completed before final acceptance into the M.A.T. program. Information will be given to by the coordinator of clinical education.  The coordinator of clinical education will provide the student with information upon acceptance.
  • Technical Standards
    • Students must read and sign the technical standards required for the M.A.T. program annually.