Digital DWU

Why Digital DWU?

The digital world comes with one absolute – that technology will always be changing and evolving. In response, Dakota Wesleyan University has launched Digital DWU - a university-wide effort to incorporate technology into the classrooms and the hands of every student.

Technological Forces

When you graduate college, you will enter a world very different than your parents entered. Your graduating class will be seeking jobs in the middle of the "digital revolution." The nature of knowledge and information is new - organizations and work are structured differently because of new technology.

Dynamic Learning Organizations

The organizations that you’ll work for (maybe even create yourself!) as a DWU grad will be kinetic and alive. They’ll be globally networked with an emphasis on information sharing. These organizations will rely on the creativity of you and your team members to respond to the ever-changing environment. Digital DWU is set up to prepare you for fast-paced knowledge sharing and problem solving.

Ever-evolving Knowledge & Information

Digital DWU will prepare you to thrive in a technology-based working environment focused on the ethical use of information. Our classroom experiences will allow you to communicate clearly and think critically while locating, evaluating and analyzing information from a variety of sources.


DWU is ready to prepare you for the digital future in three main ways:

Applied & Experiential Learning

DWU knows you need a learning experience rich in applied and experiential learning opportunities. Growing evidence from the science of learning indicates that, whatever your learning style, deep learning occurs when you directly apply what you’ve learned.

No matter your major, you can experience the applied learning you need to succeed. DWU students have a variety of opportunities to experience research, clinicals, and medical/business simulations.


Dynamic, Engaging Learning Environments


Be prepared to work with other professionals who are self-directed, collaborative learners. The learning environments at DWU provide the right combination of staff and curriculum to locate, evaluate and analyze information in a digital world. Discover (and prove!) your digital strength.


Technological Literacy



Practice with the tools you’ll be expected to use. DWU is committed to strengthening our future graduates with technology know-how.



Digital DWU ensures that students will have ongoing opportunities to engage in hands-on, project-based learning that will challenge them to practice and develop the skills they will need to succeed in a digital world, a world in which many of the jobs they assume do not exist today.

Digital DWU FAQs