The Department of History and Political Science at DWU offers a major and minor in history, a major in history education, and a minor in political science.

The history programs
and courses are based on a recognition that in addition to being a record of the past, history is a way of thinking, for in reflecting on the past and examining historical issues and problems, historians deepen the world’s understanding of the human condition. 

We devote ourselves to thinking historically, but also to the practice of history.  DWU’s history majors and minors raise historical questions, analyze historical documents, assess the works of other historians, and compose their own interpretations of the past.  Such historical thinking and practice at DWU develops and sharpens abilities and skills that transcend the discipline and are essential traits of the informed and effective professional and citizen.  The history program and courses teach students to read critically, think analytically, and communicate effectively as they explore and engage the rich historical record of the past and consider its relevance and connections to the present.   


How do I know if History or Political Science are for me?
  1. Does the study of the past excite me?
  2. Am I a dedicated reader with a desire to learn more about history and historical issues?
  3. Does examining the past help me understand the present?
  4. Do I follow political news and political campaigns?
  5. Do I take satisfaction in analyzing public policy issues?
  6. Do I take an interest in world politics and policy issues?
  7. Do I enjoy raising interesting research questions and searching for answers?
  8. Do I take satisfaction in expressing myself and defending my views?
If you answered "yes" to any or all of these questions, history and political science might be the right fit for you.

Contact informationIf you are interested in studying history and political science at Dakota Wesleyan University, contact us! Call or e-mail Dr. Sean Flynn, (605) 995-2713, seflynn@dwu.edu; or Dr. John Husmann, (605) 995-2714, johusman@dwu.edu.
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