Immunization Requirements

Necessary immunizations for all students.

Immunization Requirements

Dakota Wesleyan University requires all student born after 12-31-56 to provide medically signed proof of:

  1. TWO properly administered MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccinations
  2. Immune titers for Measles (Rubeola), Mumps and Rubella (German Measles)
  3. Written notice from the student’s health care provider that the student has a hypersensitivity or anaphylactic response to the MMR serum

Official documentation from a physician’s office, department of health, high school or other university is acceptable.

If you have documentation of only one MMR immunization, the required second immunization may be administered not less than one month after the first immunization.

Immunization Recommendations

Dakota Wesleyan University, in compliance with the American College Health Association and the South Dakota Department of Health, recommends that incoming students have the following vaccines:

  1. The series of three Hepatitis B vaccines. Mandatory for athletic training and nursing students
  2. A Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine for serogroups A, C, Y and W-135
  3. A Meningococcal Meningitis Vaccine for serogroup B
  4. Documentation of two doses of Varivax, or provide results of a blood test on a laboratory form, or documentation from a doctor recording the chicken pox disease. Mandatory for athletic training and nursing students
  5. One dose of adult Tdap, or Td following within 10 years of the adults Tdap. Mandatory for athletic training and nursing students
  6. A single or two-injection dose of COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson)
  7. An annual influenza vaccine
  8. COVID-19 vaccine

These diseases are preventable. Ask your health care provider about receiving these vaccines.

Clinical requirements for nursing students

Covid-19 Vaccination

Per guidelines/requirements of clinical facilities           

  • Documentation showing completed Covid-19 Vaccination Series.
  • Acceptable documentation from a Healthcare Provider stating the condition which causes the student to be exempt from vaccination.
  • If a student is unable to receive the Covid-19 vaccination, the student is required to wear a mask at all times during clinical rotations.
  • Covid-19 regulations could change throughout the year per our clinical partners regulations.

Mandatory Health Forms

Student Health Form and Physical Evaluation Form are required.  Forms can be downloaded from the mandatory health forms page.

Tuberculin (TB) Test

  • Incoming Nursing Students are required to complete a QuantiFERON TB Gold test, (Interferon Gamma Release Assay). This is a blood test done by your medical provider.
  • Annual QuantiFERON TB Gold test, (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) is required within 12 months from the previous test and thereafter until graduation.
  • Students who have not submitted required Annual TB test documentation, are not permitted to participate in clinical experiences, until test is completed & documentation submitted to the Nursing Office.

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

Provide a copy of immunization records or lab reports to document ONE of the following:

  • Two MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) vaccines; OR
  • If there is only one documented MMR, the student needs to have a 2nd MMR vaccination; OR
  • Documentation of titers (blood tests) indicating immunity to all three infections; OR
  • Medical documentation of an allergic reaction that would prevent MMR vaccination

Tdap injection (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis)

Documentation of a Tdap injection is required. Td or Tdap is required every 10 years after most recent Tdap.

Varicella (Chickenpox) Immunity

ONE of the following is required:

  • History of the disease can be noted in Section II Medical History on the Student Physical Form; OR
  • Documentation of a Varicella titer (blood test) showing immunity; OR
  • Documentation of two administered doses of Varicella vaccine

Hepatitis B Series & Hepatitis B Titer (Hep B Surface Antibody)

Provide documentation of each dose & titer results

  • 1st dose: Students must receive the first dose to be permitted to attend clinical experiences.
  • 2nd dose: due one month after first dose
  • 3rd dose: due five months after second dose
  • Titer: due 4 to 6 weeks after 3rd dose (a positive titer indicates immunity has been acquired.)

If the student did not complete a titer after three doses OR the titer was negative after three doses:

  • See healthcare provider for booster (4th) dose or repeat entire 3-shot series per providers recommendations. A titer is due 4 to 6 weeks after last dose is received. If the Hepatitis B titer is positive, student has met requirement.
  • If the titer is negative after booster (4th) dose:
    • 5th dose: due one month after fourth dose
    • 6th dose: due five months after fifth dose
    • Titer: due 4 to 6 weeks after the 6th dose. Student will have met the Hepatitis B requirement after remainder of doses and titer.

Students who fail to follow the timeframe for Hepatitis B doses and titer cannot attend clinical experiences. The clinical absence policy will be followed until the student completes the required doses and/or titer. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the administrative chair of the department of nursing.

Annual Flu Vaccination

One of the following is required by November 1st, annually: 

  • Written documentation of annual flu vaccination; OR
  • Written documentation from a healthcare provider indicating the reason why flu vaccination cannot be administered to student.
  • If a student does not present annual flu documentation by the due date, the student will not be allowed to attend clinical rotations.

Medical Insurance

Copy of the front and back of a major medical insurance card is required by DWU.
Students who do not have private insurance coverage will be required to purchase insurance.

CPR Certification and Renewal


  • Incoming nursing students must be CPR certified. The American Heart Association course, HeartCode® BLS (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers CPR), is required. HeartCode® BLS is an interactive E-learning and E-simulation course. BLS must have a hands-on training component.
  • Renewal of CPR Certification: After initial certification, all nursing students must keep their American Heart Association CPR certification (or American red Cross certification only in the case noted in 10a) current by renewing it every two years.


  • All students will take HLT 307 Advanced Emergency Skills for their CPR certification. (Even if you are current on your CPR certification, you will be required to take this course.)

CNA Certification

Incoming Nursing Students, who are not CNA certified will be required to take NUR 115 Basic Patient Care in the Spring of their Sophomore year. A student who is currently certified as a CNA should provide documentation prior to spring of their sophomore year. The CNA certification must be current.

LPN License

LPN-BS Nursing Program students are required to provide a copy of current South Dakota LPN license.

Nursing Immunization Requirements

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