Current Student Housing Intention Form

Hello Students!

Please view the resources below to sign-up for your housing placement this fall!

Step One: Pick your dorm.

View the PDFs below and select the room you would like.

There is a housing cost sheet below as well.

Floor Plan Apt 1

Floor Plan Apt 2

Floor Plan Pods​

Floor Plan Dakota 1

Floor Plan Dakota 2

Floor Plan Dakota 3

Floor Plan Koka 1

Floor Plan Koka 2

Step Two: Gather all your roommate names and their Meal Plan choices.

*Reminder all Allen Apartment residents will be placed on the Apartment Meal (125m/semester) plan unless appealed.

Step Three: Fill out the form below and confirm your chosen room and roommates.

You will have 48 hours to fill out this form before the next class level is allowed to access and fill out. If you are selecting a room and don’t have enough roommates to fill the room in please write-in the type of person you would like to be placed with your group. If anyone choses to have a single room they must make that clear on the form and recognize the additional costs.

Please see this form here for Housing costs by room.

For Housing Accommodations request through the office of disability services please see this form.

Please email if you have any issues or questions. 

We have filled all the rooms for this dorm:
I accept the above terms