TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) at DWU provides a supportive community for students, from the first year through graduation. We believe that students who are first-generation, from families with limited income, and/or those who have documented disabilities bring essential strengths with them to college. TRIO SSS will both support and challenge participants to build their academic and personal strengths. The ultimate goal of our program is to increase the number of students who succeed from semester to semester and who graduate from DWU. 

TRIO SSS serves students who meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria: 

Students must be enrolled at DWU fulltime, meet the residency requirements for student aid, and demonstrate academic potential and need. 

Success Services 
We provide proactive support services to promote your personal, academic and professional goals and provide strategies in support of those goals. Services include: 

  • Academic Tutoring 
  • Peer Mentors 
  • College Success and Study Skill Strategies 
  • Academic Advising and Course Selection Assistance 
  • Personal Counseling 
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Assistance 
  • Career and Work Preparation 
  • Post-Graduate School Planning 
  • Opportunities for Service and Leadership 
  • Opportunities for Cultural and Social Engagement 
  • Access to Campus and Community Resources 
  • Opportunities for Grant Aid Scholarship Awards (Pell- Eligible) 

Application process 
All enrolled students will complete an application online during new student registration. TRIO SSS Staff will review applications and request additional required documentation. 

About TRIO 
TRIO Programs are college opportunity programs funded by the US Department of Education that advocate for college access and success. Similar to student financial aid programs, which help students overcome financial barriers to higher education, TRIO Programs help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education. Nationwide, TRIO is comprised of eight different programs; 2,815 different projects, serving 789,676 participants. In South Dakota, TRIO is 10 projects serving 2,221 participants (2017 SD TRIO Fact Book). Dakota Wesleyan University has offered a TRIO SSS Program since 1979 and currently serves 160 students. 

Contact Information: 

TRIO Student Support Services 
1200 W. University Ave. 
Dakota Wesleyan University 
Mitchell, SD 57301


Kyle Hobbs

Kyle Hobbs

Director of Trio Student Support Services

Phone: (605) 995-2901

Kelli Mueller

Kelli Mueller

Student Success Adviser

Phone: (605) 995-2155

Lexie Vande Hoef

Lexie Vande Hoef

Academic Success | Career Services Coordinator

Phone: (605) 995-2904

Jodi Wilson

Jodi Wilson

Student Success Adviser | Office of Disability Services Coordinator

Phone: (605) 995-2931