Welcome FAQ

Welcome to DWU!

What an exciting time! We know there’s a lot of information coming at you, and you might have a question or two … or 10. We want to make your transition to DWU as stress-free as possible.  Below are some areas that often generate questions – and links and phone numbers to help you get answers.


What to bring to campus, my housing assignment, meal plan options.

Loft rental

Or email Dustin Wheeler, director of residence life, or call 605-995-2952.

Health info

Health forms, immunization requirements, and/or health insurance. Or email Donna Gerlach, RN, Campus Nurse, or call 605-995-2957.

Financial aid

Or email Mary Alexander, Director of Financial Aid, or call 605-995-2663.

Paying my educational expenses

Or email Michael Claar, Accounts Receivable Accountant, or call 605-995-2159.


AP scores, dual credit classes, or transcripts
Changing my class schedule and/or my major
Getting my new ACT score to DWU
Athletic eligibility
FERPA and the Release of Information Form

Or email Stuart Keenan, Registrar, or call 605-995-2647.


Or email Kristy Zink, Tutoring Coordinator, or call 605-995-2904.

TRIO Student Support Services

Disability services

Email Laurie Johnson, Interim Student Disability Services Coordinator, or call 605-995-2901.


Be sure to sign up for Play NAIA. Email Jon Hart, Director of Athletics, or call 605-995-2898.

Books for class

Or email Lori Solberg, Bookstore Manager, or call 605-995-2805.

All things digital, computing, printing, or networked

Email the DWU Support Services desk, or call 605-995-2900.

Bringing my vehicle and getting a FREE parking pass

Click “my vehicle information" under the Student Life tab. Email Lauren Parr, or call 605-995-2656.

Still don't know who to call?

If you can’t find a topic related to your question, email Tom Hoek, Director of Student Life, or call 605-995-2160.