Welcome FAQ

Welcome to DWU!

What an exciting time! We know there’s a lot of information coming at you, and you might have a question or two … or 10. We want to make your transition to DWU as stress-free as possible. Below are some areas that often generate questions – and links and phone numbers to help you get answers.


What to bring to campus, my housing assignment, meal plan options.

Health info

Health forms, immunization requirements, and/or health insurance. Or email Donna Gerlach, RN, Campus Nurse, or call 605-995-2957.

Financial aid

Or email Mary Alexander, Director of Financial Aid, or call 605-995-2663.

Paying my educational expenses

Or email Kerri Fahey, Accounts Receivable Accountant, or call 605-995-2159.


AP scores, dual credit classes, or transcripts
Changing my class schedule and/or my major
Getting my new ACT score to DWU
Athletic eligibility
FERPA and the Release of Information Form

Or email Molly Manchester, Registrar, or call 605-995-2821.


Or email Lexie Vande Hoef, Tutoring Coordinator, or call 605-995-2904.

TRIO Student Support Services

Disability services

Email Jodi Wilson, Student Disability Services Coordinator, or call 605-995-2931.


Be sure to sign up for Play NAIA. Email Jon Hart, Director of Athletics, or call 605-995-2898.

Books for class

Or email Lori Solberg, Bookstore Manager, or call 605-995-2805.

All things digital, computing, printing, or networked

Email the DWU Support Services desk, or call 605-995-2900.

Bringing my vehicle and getting a FREE parking pass

Click “my vehicle information" under the Student Life tab. Email Lauren Parr, or call 605-995-2656.

Still don't know who to call?

If you can’t find a topic related to your question, email Tom Hoek, Director of Student Life, or call 605-995-2160.