Mathematics Education

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Multiply Your Math Skills

Prepare young minds for math! As a mathematics teacher, you'll create enthusiasm for numbers and equations, guiding your students to solve problems. Your DWU experience will help you develop your own strategies for the classroom, while you work beside your peers and passionate professors.

Math Education Courses

What will you study when you are completing your math education degree? You'll take classes like:

  • Calculus
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Introduction to Probability Theory
  • Secondary Mathematics Teaching Methods
  • Technology for Teachers
  • Adolescent Learners’ Needs

Find the rest of your class list in the course catalog.

Student Teaching

Don't worry about being on your own. Experience a full semester of student teaching before you graduate! You’ll complete at least 200 hours of classroom experience in our program, so you'll start your career after college with confidence. Engage in classroom activities with local students, and learn with your peers under faculty supervision.

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Get to Know Your Professors

Learn how to teach math from our teachers! Our low student-to-teacher ratio offers valuable one-on-one interaction with professors who care about you and your work.

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