Music Education

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Conduct Your Classroom's Talent

Find your home in the Ron and Sheila Gates Department of Music. Combine your passion for music with our education program, and help the next generation of musicians find their inspiration. Learn how to teach, and become a better musician. Give private and class instruction in piano, allowing you to accompany and better support your students.

Join In and Perform

Be member of one of our many musical ensembles on campus. Choose from our large vocal ensemble, the Dakota Wesleyan Choir; one of our smaller vocal ensembles or chamber choirs, the Highlanders, Singing Scotchmen or Women’s Chamber Choir; or one of our instrumental ensembles like Wesleyan Bells, LyricWood String Orchestra, Wesleyan Band or Tiger Pep Band.

Learn more about each of our ensembles on the music major page.

Show Us Your Skills

As you complete your education and your student teaching experience, you will perform your senior recital for family and friends. Your selection of songs will be chosen from your primary instrument’s repertoire creating an hour-long personal showcase.

Student Teaching

Don't worry about being on your own. Experience a full semester of student teaching before you graduate! You’ll complete at least 200 hours of classroom experience in our program, so you'll start your career after college with confidence. Engage in classroom activities with local students, and learn with your peers under faculty supervision.

Music Education Courses 

Where do you want to concentrate your efforts musically? Leading voices in song, instructing instruments or both? Talk about your options with your adviser. You can also check out our concentrations and their course differences in our course catalog

Earn a Music Scholarship

The Ron and Sheila Gates Department of Music offers musical scholarships to those who audition and perform with confidence and skill. Contact our financial aid office to learn more.

Get to Know Your Professors

Our low student-to-teacher ratio offers valuable one-on-one interaction with professors who care about you and your music.

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