DWU online MBA program ranked in Fortune’s Top 100

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Fortune Top 100 Badge

MITCHELL - Dakota Wesleyan University has been ranked as having one of the top 100 online MBA programs in the nation, according to a recent report from Fortune.

With a large number of Master of Business Administration programs moving online during the pandemic, Fortune built its first-ever ranking of online MBA programs in order to provide an accurate list of some of the nation’s best. With specific metrics used to determine the top 100, Fortune surveyed programs for scoring in four areas: Program Score (academic rigor); Fortune 1000 Score (strength of alumni networks); Brand Score (reputation of the program among working professionals); and Prestige Score (aggregated rankings from other “best of” lists).

DWU was the only South Dakota program to make the top 100. Other ranked programs in the region include the University of North Dakota and Creighton University.

According to DWU program director Dr. Diana Goldammer, “DWU’s MBA is practical, relevant, and applied, on top of being a value in the online MBA space.  Our pricing makes us competitive, our completion timeline is attractive to prospective MBA students, and students are using their MBA coursework in their professional settings. Our faculty’s commitment to making the student experience impactful is a major reason we earned this ranking. Their focus is always on the students and what they need to learn and demonstrate to be even more valuable to their organizations after the program.”

Fortune Education reports that “recruiters reported shelling out [higher] median salaries to top MBA graduates . . . 70% more than they paid top bachelor’s degree recipients. Not only is the MBA alive and well—it’s thriving.” 

DWU’s online MBA program has some unique features like no graduate school admission exams required; programs delivered 100% online in 7-week modules; no thesis required and the ability to enter the program with a background in any bachelor’s degree area of study. Students use work experience in a relevant field or a leveling course as a substitute for undergraduate business courses.  DWU’s MBA program began in 2013. More than 100 students have enrolled in the online program which launched in 2018. 18 students will graduate in May and 26 students will be starting the 36-credit program in August.

Goldammer concluded, “This endorsement from Fortune Magazine indicates that while we might be a smaller, up-and-coming program, we are ranked strongly based on their third-party benchmarks.  As the only program from South Dakota in the rankings, professionals nationwide can trust that they can access the quality education the midwest, and DWU specifically, is known for.”